Selected Model Based Architectures and Algorithms for Learning, Signal Processing and Optimization

redaktorzy :  Paweł Ksieniewicz, Mariusz Uchroński

format :  B5
objętość :  158 str.

ISBN  978-83-7837-117-5

Spis treści


1. Schur Parametrization and Orthogonal Modeling of p-Stationary Second-Order Stochastic Processes

2. Efficient DOA algorithms using multi-dimensional high-resolution Fourier transform

3. Wireless localization systems

4. Towards generating Palladio performance models from PIM and PSM models

5. Architecture of Dependency-Noise Ensemble for statistic-based diversification of multiple classifier systems

6. Model of active noise reduction system with adaptive filtering algorithms applied to automotive

7. A novel approach to learning and designing neural networks-based ensemble

8. Model based scheduling algorithm for transport and assembly of construction processes

9. Preference falsification: Insights from Monte Carlo simulations of an agent-based model with a Hamiltonian

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