Switching-Based Multi-Operational Control of Ship Motion

autor :  Mirosław Tomera

format :  B5
objętość :  172 str. (1 kartka kolorowa)

ISBN  978-83-7837-073-4

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1. Mathematical modeling of ship

1.1. Introduction
1.2. Kinematics
1.3. Dynamics of the ship
1.4. Simplified models of ship's dynamics

2. Problems related to automatic control of ship motion

2.1. Introduction
2.2. Path planning
2.3. Guidance
2.4. Navigation
2.5. Control

3. Multi-operational control system for marine surface vessels

3.1. Problem of ship motion control
3.2. Switching systems used in control
3.3. Structure of switching-based control system for ship motion
3.4. Path planning
3.5. Supervisor
3.6. Estimating ship's speed
3.7. Bank of controllers
3.8. Conclusions

4. Experiments with multi-operational control system for ships

4.1. Setting of parameter values for control and navigation systems
4.2. Case study of navigation scenario
4.3. Conclusions

Closing remarks

Appendix A. Mathematical model of training ship blue lady
Appendix B. Discrete-time Kalman filter
Appendix C. Sample desired path
Appendix D. Real-time software and hardware equipment


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