Selected topics from the area of Biotechnology for English language learners

autor :  Marek Weber

format :  B5
objętość :  52 str.

ISBN  978-83-7837-66-6

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Słowo od Autora
Part 1. The Truth about Genetically Modified Food

Chapter 1. Concerns about the use of GMO in food
Chapter 2. Can GMO techniques in the future help reduce the scale of hunger? Worries about excessive use of such techniques
Chapter 3. Experiments trying to prove the harmfulness of GMOs
Chapter 4. Long-term health effect
Chapter 5. How to find a compromise?

Part 2. DNA analysis methods

Chapter 1. What is PCR?
Chapter 2. Taq polymerase
Chapter 3. PCR primers
Chapter 4. The step of PCR
Chapter 5. Applications of PCR
Chapter 6. Gel electrophoresis
Chapter 7. What is a gel?
Chapter 8. How do DNA fragments move through the gel?

Part 3. A Few Facts About Cloning

Chapter 1. What is cloning?
Chapter 2. Do clones ever occur naturally?
Chapter 3. What are the types of artificial cloning?
Chapter 4. How are genes cloned?
Chapter 5. How are animals cloned?
Chapter 6. What animals have been cloned?
Chapter 7. Do cloned animals always look identical?
Chapter 8. What are the potential applications of cloned animals?
Chapter 9. What is therapeutic cloning?

Part 4. Biosensors

Chapter 1. What are biosensors?
Chapter 2. Type of biosensors
Chapter 3. Aplications of biosensors

Part 5. Basics of Neuroscience

Chapter 1. Functions of Brain Parts
Chapter 2. The Neurons and Glia
Chapter 3. Neural Circuits


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